directed by / dirección : Lorena Maza
set & lighting design / iluminación y escenografía : Alejandro Luna
costume design / diseño de vestuario : Eloise Kazan
music / música : Manuel Mejía Armijo
choreography / coreografía : Shahrokh Moshkin-Ghalam
make-up & hair design / diseño de maquillaje y peinados : 
Eloise Kazan, Mario Zarazua y Maricela Estrada
photo / fotografía : Sergio Carreon​​​​​​​
premiere / estreno :  XI2012
Inanna is a play based on the ancient Sumerian poem, The Descent of Inanna (c. 1900-1600 BC) that chronicles the great goddess and Queen of Heaven Inanna’s journey from heaven, to earth, and to the underworld and back. It is possibly the oldest known tale of feminine self-discovery and transformation. My stage director felt it was important to underline the ritual quality of this text and in keeping with this idea with talked extensively about the symbolism of each piece of clothing and developed a costuming ritual that became an integral part of each performance. All our costumes had many onion-like layers that helped the actors transform from one character to another. For the costume designs I took inspiration from the art of the first cities but also from various fairytales I heard in my childhood and that have become part of my own “personal mythology”.
cast / reparto :
Renata Ramos, Julieta Egurrola, Angelina Peláez, Teresa Rábago, Carmen Mastache, Emma Dib,  Kaveh Parmas, Nicolas Sotnikoff, David Calderón, Jorge Avalos, Jerónimo Best, Rocio Leal y Sergio Rued.
and last but not least, very special thanks to Costume Supervisor CNT / agradecimiento especial a la Coordinadora de vestuario CNT : Estela Fagoaga
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