¿ESTÁS AHÍ? or ARE YOU THERE? de / by Javier Daulte
estreno / premiere: 2005 Teatro El Galeón, Centro Cultural del Bosque, México, D. F.
dirección / directed by  :  Daniel Giménez Cacho
diseño de escenografía y vestuario / set  & costume design:  Eloise Kazan
iluminación / lighting design  :  Gabriel Pascal
elenco / cast : Mariana Gaja, José María Yazpik, Verónica Segura, Bruno Bichir
¿Estás ahí? ( original title) or Are You There is a witty, lighthearted play about “letting go”  by contemporary Argentinean playwright Javier Daulte. A young optician dies in a car accident but refuses to leave the flat she shared with her magician boyfriend causing him vertigo and headaches. I thus designed this dizzying set where Ana the dead optician blends in, or “comes in and out of the walls”.
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